Occupational Pastor since 2020, Sam helps lead CBC, with a focus on preaching and discipling

Lead Pastor

Sam & Adelyn have been married since 2013, with 1 daughter. He loves Christmas, books, trivia, & LEGO.

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You can reach Sam at:

Favorite books of the Bible

It's always a joy to see how God uses different books to resonate with my heart at different times of life. The ones I go back to over and over are probably James, Ezekiel, Ephesians, and Nehemiah. Those 4 always strike a wonderful balance of pushing and challenging, encouraging, energizing, and most importantly, pointing me back to the Lord.

What's something you'd love every Christian to know?

How essential the local church is to God's plan and therefore should be in our own lives. I grew up a pastor's kid. I served as an elected lay elder before God called me into vocational ministry. I know how ugly and messy things can get; I'm under no illusions about the capacity broken people have to hurt one another. And yet I've seen how wonderful and meaningful it is when we follow Jesus and function as His Bride is designed to. I've seen how God uses His Body the Church to impact lives. Simply put, I love the local church and it matters to me because Jesus loves the local church and it matters to Him. Please don't let past wounds (ask me about my history; trust me I know they hurt deeply), fear, apathy, or anything else prevent you from committing to your fellow believers in a real tangible way; engage and allow God to use His Church for your sanctification.

What's something you'd love unbelievers or unchurched people to know?

1) See my comment above and know that the local church is designed for people exactly like you. 2) We don't expect you to be perfect. I expect you to be the exact same as me: a person desperately in need of God's grace, mercy, and love. You and I both need Jesus. So come meet us. If you're still unsure of coming to a service or Bible study (or whatever), send me a message and we'll grab coffee. I like cooking, sports, travel, and laughing. We'll find something we have in common I promise you.