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Now Hiring

We are looking to hire an associate pastor, with an emphasis on youth ministry.

We are a small church (<150) in Mansfield, OH. Our leadership is committed to equipping people to live out their faith daily. We focus on creating and strengthening a culture of people in relentless pursuit: of Jesus Christ, His kingdom and mission; of sanctification; of evangelism; of discipleship; of fellowship; etc. You can learn more about what we mean by this here.

We're looking for a full time associate pastor whose primary focus will be our youth ministry; though since we are a smaller church, we need someone who is capable of helping in other areas as well, which we would seek to tailor to your strengths and passions as much as possible. We want someone who is passionate, responsible, an initiator, and desires to help shape a growing culture. Within youth ministry primary responsibilities would include developing relationships with the students, equipping them for their call as ambassadors of Christ, weekly teaching, special event planning and executing, and working with the rest of leadership to connect youth ministry to the larger context of the church. We've developed several partnerships with other churches and businesses within the community for outreach and impact and would like to see those continue to grow, as well as explore what other opportunities exist.

If you're interested in being considered, please take a moment and fill out this form. We understand the process of seeking to discern where God is calling you to pastor is a significant one and we want to respect everyone's time in this. We also believe in transparency in the process. So please answer these questions to help us understand if we'd be in alignment on some issues that cause disagreement within the larger church; include Scripture references as appropriate. If it seems as though we're in agreement someone will reach out to you regarding the next steps. Thank you!